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Cash Gifts

Immediate results in a convenient way

The simplest and most frequently used method of providing outright support for Michigan Tech is a cash gift—whether it's a personal check, credit card authorization, money order, or bank draft—made payable to the Michigan Tech Fund.

A cash gift not only helps Michigan Tech, but also may provide benefits for you, too. Charitable deductions on your federal income taxes may allow you to reduce the out-of-pocket cost of your gift.

A pledge may enable you to support Michigan Tech in a more substantial way than you might otherwise think possible. By signing a statement of your intention to make a gift over a period of up to five years, you not only can accomplish more with your gift but you also would receive immediate credit for the entire pledge amount for purposes of Michigan Tech's honor societies.

Contact the Office of Gift Planning for more information. To make a cash gift today, go to our online gift form.

Benefits of cash gifts

  • Simple to make
  • Immediate income tax deduction may reduce the net cost of your gift
  • Immediate impact on the Michigan Tech program of your choice