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Leverage Your Gift

Using your giving as a means to unlock more gifts is a way to make an even greater impact on Michigan Tech. Here are three leveraging concepts to consider as you plan your next gift.

Establish an endowed fund

Michigan Tech Fund endowments are restricted funds set aside to provide a perpetual flow of income. Only the return, or a portion of it, is used to meet the purpose of the fund, whether it be to support scholarships, fellowships, a faculty position, or some other University program. By establishing an endowed fund, you create a depository for further gifts from others who have similar interests.

You can enhance the appeal of an endowment by naming it after a person of wide influence, such as a well-loved professor, so that others interested in the designated purpose will be inclined to support it. Or, you can set up an endowed fund in a family name to encourage other family members to contribute to Michigan Tech.

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Give appreciated securities

The easiest way to leverage your gift to Michigan Tech is to maximize the tax benefits. Instead of selling shares of appreciated securities, paying capital gains tax on the appreciation, and making a gift of the remainder, you can give the securities directly to the Michigan Tech Fund. The Tech Fund can sell the securities and keep the full amount-no tax due. You receive credit for the full amount of the market value of the securities on the date received by the Tech Fund, which can be applied as a charitable income tax deduction on your annual tax form.

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Convert assets to income for you and Michigan Tech

Another tax-wise giving option is a life income gift. This is an effective way for you to contribute assets to the Michigan Tech Fund while keeping an income for yourself or others. The three main types of life income gifts are charitable gift annuities, charitable remainder trusts, and pooled income funds. Selecting the best option depends on your age, assets, and income objectives.

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