Planning for your Future

As a friend of Michigan Tech, we can offer you free tools to help you get your affairs in order prior to meeting with an attorney.

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Leave a legacy without affecting your current assets

Drawing up a will can be the first step toward a wise financial plan for you and your family as well as for the organizations you support. A valid will allows you—not your state law—to determine the distribution of your assets upon your death. Whether you want to provide for a spouse, children, or charitable organizations, your will should be prepared with the help of an attorney and reviewed regularly.

A bequest through a will or a revocable living trust is the most popular and flexible way of making a deferred gift to the Michigan Tech Fund. It is a simple way to make a future gift while retaining control over your property during your lifetime.

Over the years, Michigan Tech has received bequests of all sizes. Such gifts do not need to be large to have a lasting impact on students, faculty, and programs. For example, a bequest of $25,000 may provide perpetual support equivalent to $1,000 per year, using the Michigan Tech Fund's current endowment payout rate of 4 percent.

Bequest FAQs

Read the FAQs on Bequests for answers to these questions.

  • What are the four kinds of bequests?
  • How do I create a bequest to the Michigan Tech Fund?
  • What language is suggested for a bequest in a will or trust?

Contact the Office of Gift Planning for more information.

Benefits of bequests in a will or trust

  • Simple way to make a future gift to the Michigan Tech program of your choice
  • No impact on the assets during your lifetime
  • Potential reduction of estate taxes